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Writer’s Block is a wonderground and personal creative outlet. Similar to photography, the focus is story telling. The medium is written. Images and ideas are the creation.

Feel free to roam around as well as actively contribute to the hammered, chiseled work of reality reflected and resonated.

Coda: An Elegy
This was written during the passing of my step-father at the young age of 57 in 2004 due to Small Cell Lung Cancer resulting from exposure to Agent Orange laid down during his tours in Vietnam.

In Remembrance
A year of his passing I was asked to write a remembrance to celebrate my step-father’s life.

In April 1993, I watched, as did many others across the nation, the tragedy unfold at the Branch Davidian Compound outside Waco, Texas. In many ways, the event reminded me of the Jonestown massacres in the late 1970’s. Charismatic but deranged ego-maniacal leaders led vulnerable, brainwashed followers of all ages to an untimely and unnecessary end.

The title is a reference to the time the fires started which destroyed everything and everyone. Ironically, it is also a Biblical verse describing the passing of Jesus.

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