Have you ever thought that you were meant to do something else with your life or career? Thought is too mild of a verb. Believed? Convinced? Convicted?

Did you heed your internal prompting that you were pounding pavement down the path of misdirection?

What if this road you traveled had been good to you? What if the life you’ve created on the way brought your family happiness, safety, opportunities, and was more than you ever imagined and better than you deserved?

Yet, no matter how good life has been to those you love, what if this same way of living was also killing you?

Each day delivers a measured share of soul-stealing activities, amounting to a little less than nothing, all made palatable by a strong sense of duty without purpose dispensed with sides of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety Rxs.

Have you ever been to this stop sign? If so, how did it affect you and those you love? What decisions did you make and what actions did you take? How did it turn out?