Adventures in Snuggle

After another looooonnnnngggg work week and hosting a house full of teenage girls for our daughter’s activities for consecutive weekends, I was a little a crispy this morning.

The youngest of our three dogs, a black Lab, used the small hours to whine because he was trapped in our bedroom instead of having carte blanche to investigate and snuggle up with the weekend’s visitors.

Whimpers to me…no reaction…runs to other side of bed…whimpers to my wife…no response.

Sam is smart and persistent and he wasn’t going to take that for an answer. Door opens.Black Lab Click…click…click…click reverbs off the hardwoods in the hallway. The downstairs guest bedroom clicks open and he hops into bed where a visitor slept.

My wife and I tagged team the effort to contain Sam’s adventures in snuggle…all night long.

Yes, I was a little crispy.

Laughter is Contagious…Catch It!

My wife asked me this morning, “Have you seen this?”

“No.” I didn’t bother looking up from trying to find a t-shirt.

After I popped on some clothes and made it over to the bed where my wife is still nestled she says, “Take a look.”

I looked at her phone and see a guy in overalls and a barn background. Zero to skeptical in 1.2 seconds.

I hit play.

Sometimes you don’t realize you need to laugh.

From one sojourner to another, all the best.

Credits:  Video courtsey of BrokerTim on YouTube. Yes, that’s his real dad, and yes, that’s his real laugh. Creative Commons Images via Pixabay.