Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Now that the caffeine withdrawal headaches have ceased, I can start on step 2 in the Year of Yes:  Exercise.

Tomorrow morning while many are still snuggled and enjoying the warmth of their beds, this guy will be making the walk of shame to a place he’s not visited in a long time…

…The Workout Room.

At 4:00 AM, I’ll creak and crack out of bed, slip into something resembling workout clothes, and climb the stairs of our home.  I’ll flip on the light and engage in a Mexican stand-off with the treadmill.

Let’s face it.  There’s a very good possibility that neither will enjoy this for quite some time and either one could break.

I think Simon and Garfunkel got the opening lyric right in the Sound of Silence.

The Reckoning:  Coming to a Hospital Near You

Positive and meaningful change rarely comes quick or easy.  I’m one of the few mental cases who actually enjoy exercise.  Once you build up the habit of regular exercise, it becomes as natural and necessary as breathing.

However, many, many moons have passed since I’ve done any meaningful exercise so I’ve got to pay for the time off.  It’s the reckoning.

The reckoning strips us out of the movie of our minds, the people we believe we are, and shows us who we really are physically with a not-so-gentle first-aid-1040283_640reminder not to neglect the gift we have in our bodies.

There is no spin here; the reckoning is painful and honest.  However, once we face it’s truth, we can best our Hollywood-in-the-head stars and become better, stronger people with determination and commitment.

Any fitness plan should start out with short, small and achievable goals and build incrementally from that foundation.  Tomorrow AM will be no different for me.  I’ve got small goals in mind which will keep me coming back for more and avoid injury.

2016:  The Year of Yes

The Road to Wellness is long and winding but I’m looking forward to accomplishing more than even I can imagine in the Year of Yes:  Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community.

That’s enough for tonight.  Tomorrow’s another light.

From one sojourner to another, all the best.

photo credit: L1080277 via photopin (license)