Reasons Why

Simply stated, these are my reasons why. Taken a few years ago, the kids have grown by leaps and bounds but the memories still bring smiles.

I took the picture of our daughter and son in the living room of our last home while they were sitting on the back of one of our couches. My wife held a black sports blanket as the background.

The Value of Nonsense

Under the gun to get a photo for a family Christmas card, the kiddos weren’t cooperating. Antsy, fidgeting and irritating one another as only two young siblings can, the only way I could get their attention long enough to take the shot was to come up with nonsensical words which sounded like words they shouldn’t say but weren’t. The winner:


It cracked them up and I got the shot.

I’m thankful. We created a shared memory, we created a Christmas card, and almost as important, I’m not a family portrait photographer. Yes, very thankful! 🙂

Love is an Action Verb

Even though I tell my family multiple times daily I love them, they will never truly know the depth nor the sadness, guilt, and regret I carry for not fully showing them.  They may disagree with the latter, but I know my truth.

Love is not a feeling. It’s an action verb. I’m working to align the words with the actions and cement it in the foundations of their characters.

My Greatest Gifts

They are my greatest gifts for this and all seasons. I am so thankful to have them on loan for just a while and I hope I can become a good steward of their souls.

A Wish for You and Yours

From one sojourner to another, Merry Christmas. May you give peace, love and service this season. May you receive as much in return. All the best to you and yours.