5:54 AM: Waiting in the Dark

A white Merc idles in front of me at a local coffee/breakfast joint drive-thru.  We sit a few minutes because the commuters are just a bit too early to get the mornin’ Cup O’ Joe.

A large camo colored SUV camps out adjacent to the drive-thru window in front of the Merc as other baggy-eyed, zzz-less zealots pull up behind my buggy.

Dealer plates on the Merc catch my eye as I glance down to pick up my work habit…the e-addiction, just like a trained monkey.

I’m engrossed in my phone reading the 1.2MM office emails I received over night.  Ok, it’s 230 but that’s pretty close.  My math skills are no bueno before the morning bean.

6:00 AM:  The World is Alive with Cupped Lightning

Camo cruiser pulls off to the side and parks.  Joint opens finally.

6:03 AM:  Random Act of Kindness Committed

I roll to the window and grab the debit card from my wallet.

“Good morning, sir!” The young lady tending the window is pleasant and perky.  She’s obviously had coffee.

I reach out with my debit card but get the Heisman in return.

“Oh no, sir.  The lady just in front of you wanted to wish you a great day.  She’s paid for yours.”

I glance forward and see the white Merc round the corner.  Gone.


Thank You

This goes out to the lady in the drive-thru who wished me a good day and unselfishly paid for my breakfast this morning.

We’ve never met, but you are no stranger.

I repaid your kindness by paying it forward to the next person in line with the same wish conveyed by the staff.  I think you already know I did.

I hope your simple charitable act avalanched to an individual who truly needed or benefitted the most from the generosity you kicked-off.

Practice Gratitude, Demonstrate Kindness Daily

It’s not about the breakfast or coffee.  It never is.  Hopefully, it’s not even about the season.

It’s about being thankful for what you have and realizing it’s a zero sum game if you are not able to share your blessings and good fortune with others even it’s only in some small and seemingly insignificant way.

That’s enough for tonight.  Tomorrow’s another light.

P.S. Ok, it’s a little about the coffee.  It’s 6:00 AM! 🙂

From one sojourner to another, all the best…