My daughter just called me to let me know that she and her mom were about to pull her other front “toof” out — the second in as many days.

So what, you say? Well, that’s the end of the story…let me tell you where it began.

Last night as we were finishing dinner and cleaning up, my wife and I were talking in the kitchen. My daughter yelled from upstairs (not an uncommon occurrence when playing around with her four year old rough housing younger brother).

“What happened,” Mother and Father sang in unison.

Daughter ran to the top of the stairs. I turned around to see her holding her hand in her mouth.

“Junior kicked me in the toof,” Daughter mumbled over her hand.

While a normal parent’s first reaction might be, oh, something to the effect of, “Are you alright? Are you bleeding?,” not in this household….oh no…noo…noooo.

“Did your tooth come out?” excited Mother responds.


“Well, tell Junior to kick you in the mouth again,” replied a joking Mom while she turned back around and softly snickered.

Daughter turns and runs back into her bedroom.

“Juuuunior, come kick me in the mouth!” earnest but gullible Daughter yells to her more than obliging younger sibling.

“Noooooo!” Father and Mother again sang in unison (Sorry, no two part harmony – we’re good, just not that good).

“Daughter! Mommy was just kidding,” said Mother amongst snickers of unbelief.

We returned to our discussion and I turned around toward the sink to finish washing up.

After about 5 minutes, I turned from the sink and nearly ran over my daughter who was standing in front of me with one hand on her mouth and another cupped with blood dripping in her hand.

“What happened, baby?” concerned Father says as Mother looks up and sees bleeding daughter.

“Junieyour kicked me inna toof agin and dis time it came out,” smiled a bleeding but happy Daughter now proudly holding her up her tooth as if she’d won first prize at the state fair.

Yes, I know…fine, fine parenting.

Hold one second, please. I believe I hear CPS knocking at the front door.

Note:  Names above have been changed to protect the innocent (and not so innocent).